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Trustee Indemnity Insurance

Trustee Financial Connect

Trustee Financial Connect

Trustees Indemnity Insurance offers comprehensive trustees indemnity insurance with a range of additional covers, and is designed to protect Charity Trustees with protection from financial loss.

Cover automatically includes:

  • Trustee Indemnity providing an indemnity to the trustees of the charity for wrongful acts such as a breach of duty or trust, wrongful trading, or negligent statement in the course of their activities as trustees.
  • Legal Expenses providing a legal defence for matters such as employment disputes (including compensation awards), bodily injury negotiations, criminal proceedings or investigation by any statutory body.
  • Loss of Reputation providing amounts to pay for public relations services to counter adverse publicity.

plus, optional extensions: 

  • Professional Indemnity providing an indemnity to the charity and its employees for errors, omissions or breaches of professional duty in the provision of services to a third party.
  • Fidelity Guarantee providing a re-imbursement to a charity where a loss has occurred as a result of the theft or fraudulent activities of a trustee or an employee.

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